Micromanipulator Cell Injection (MCI) System

Key Features

NUMICS micromanipulator provides extremely stable linear displacements in each axis, with a 0.5 µm linear stage minimum step size its range of travel. This provides the user with absolute control for fine positioning. The user can also set the steps size/revolution parameter of movements to meet their exact requirements. The superior, stepper motors ensure smooth, consistent movement.

Cost effective, financially viable and locally developed microinjection system that can bring about a revolution in the health care sector not only in Pakistan but also in most developing nations around the world.

A virtual reality training simulator along with knob controllers for training of scientists and bio operators, to efficiently use the microinjection system. This training is expected to improve the overall performance in the cell injection process and this would make the system a feasible option for the operator.

A semi-automated system where the operator can view the procedure on his computer screen and perform the injection process controllers. This system increases the reliability of the process and makes the whole procedure more comfortable and easier to perform.

With network access, remote users require only controllers and access to our website allowing them to perform their experiments at a central lab. Such access would provide a very economical way of conducting state-of-the-art research for molecular biology scientists of Pakistan.


NUMCIS also provides a Virtual Reality Training Simulator to learn the skills required for cell injection procedure The simulator includes Basic and Advance Training Modules with different evaluation metrics i.e. Injection Force, Desired Trajectory, Time and Positioning Accuracy


Pre Exercise Information

  • Learning objectives of each exercise are clearly explained.
  • Every exercise module gives instructions to perform required goals.

Post-Exercise Information

  • Performance of the user is provided at the end of each exercised using various evaluation metrics.
  • Graphic representation of performance is shown at the end of each exercise.
Injector Handling
Injector Handling
 Injector Posioning
Injector Posioning
Micro Object Handling
VR Simulator GUI

Micromanipulator Cell Injection (MCI) System Specifications

# Content Specifications
1 X-axis (Linear displacement) 40 mm
2 Y-axis (Linear displacement) 45 mm
3 Z-axis (Linear displacement) 20 mm
4 C-axis (Angular range of displacement) -50 to +50 degree
5 Linear Stage Minimum Step Size 0.5 µm
6 Linear Stage Range of Speed 0 to 7.2 mm / s
7 Base Maneuverability 360 degree
8 Minimum Injection/Suction Volume 6.25 nl
9 Syringe Capacity 0.5 ml
10 Syringe Stroke Length 25 mm
11 Power Consumption (Maximum) 15 W

Comparison of Automated Tele-Micromanipulator Cell Injection System with Internationally Available Equipment

Sr # Category Automated Tele-Micromanipulator Cell Injection System (NUMCIS) Eppendorf Cell Manipulation System RI Integra3 and RI IMSI Narishige MTK-1 4-axis Micro Manipulator for cell injection Sutter Instruments MPC 325-2
1 Approx. Price $23,900 $16,630 $28,650 $23,800
2 Function Semi-Automated Motorized Automated Motorized Automated Motorized Automated Motorized Automated Motorized
3 Manipulation Axis 3-axis X, Y and Z manipulation 3-axis X, Y and Z manipulation 3-axis X, Y and Z manipulation 3-axis X, Y and Z manipulation with a diagonal 4th axis control 3-axis X, Y and Z manipulation with a diagonal 4th axis control
4 Micromanipulator movement types Fine and Coarse Fine and Coarse Fine and Coarse Fine and Coarse Fine and Coarse
5 Movement Range 40mm X, 45mm Y, 20mm Z 20mm X, 20mm Y, 20mm Z 40mm X, 40mm Y, 28mm Z 40mm X, 40mm Y, 40mm Z 25mm X, 25mm Y, 25mm Z, 30mm diagonal 4th axis
6 Z-axis limit Yes Programmable Z-axis limit to prevent capillary breakage N/A Yes N/A
7 Pipette angle adjustment -50 to +50 degrees 0 to 90 degrees 16 to 40 degrees 15 to 40 degrees N/A
8 Temperature control N/A N/A Yes N/A N/A
9 Image/Video/data display screen Yes. Video data Yes. Video, data and force feedback Yes. Video, image snapshot and data Yes. Data and force feedback. Yes. Data and force feedback.
10 Operating system Windows Windows Windows Windows N/A
11 Tele-communication High speed processor and communication link for real time video transmission No No No No
12 Remote usage Can be tele-operated from remote locations No No No No
13 Virtual Training Simulator Yes. Two types of micro-cell injection trainings No No No No
14 Power supply 120V-240V 120V-240V 100V-240V 120V-240V 115V-230V
15 Power Consumption 15W N/A N/A N/A 35W