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Mechanical Progress

Design of Micromanipulator Controller

A Mechanical interface device that governs the position coordinates of the cell “Holding Pipette" and “Injecting/Suction Pipette” in 3 DOFs. For this purpose an ergonomic Micromanipulator Controller has been designed which can be operated in both simulator and actual procedure.

Three knobs are installed to control all three DOFs i.e X, Y and Z. The display and buttons allows the user to adjust the operating parameters, moreover a toggle switch has been deployed to shift between left and right Manipulators.

Fabrication of Micromanipulator Controller Circuit Boards

Manufacturing of Micromanipulator Controller

Design of Microinjector Controller

The Purpose of this Microinjection Controller is to manage the pressures of the cell "Holding Pipette" and "Injecting/Suction Pipette" during the operating Procedures. This device can be used in both simulator and actual procedure.

Fabrication of Microinjector Controller Circuit Boards

Manufacturing of Microinjector Controller

Functional CAD Model of Proposed Cell Injection System

Mechanical Design of Micro Manipulators

Manufacturing of Micromanipulators


Revised Design of Micro Manipulators
Micromanipulator Parts (Manufacturing)
Design of Injection Syringe Mechanism

Design of Pipette Puller

Finalized Model of Pipette Puller

Pipette Puller Test Bench (Tested)

Fabrication of Micromanipulator Electronic Control Module Circuit Boards

Micromanipulator Electronic Control Module

Micromanipulator System