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Automated Tele-Micromanipulator Cell Injection System

Micro Cell InjectionVirtual Reality SIMManual CI UpgradeRemote Operation
A cell microinjection system is a widely used tool in the domain of cell biology and it allows us to deliver a specific amount of substance into a cell using a fine tipped needle (or a microinjection pipette) under the observation of a microscope.We provide a virtual reality simulator along with a joystick like manipulator for training scientists to use the already developed manual microinjection system, providing a feasible option for many scientists in Pakistan and other developing nations.We provide an upgrade the manual cell injection system to a semi-automatic cell injection system, where the operator of the system can view the cells on his computer screen and perform the injection process via a joystick like manipulator to perform cell injection.We capitalize on the strong broadband connection system in Pakistan and provide remote access to the microinjection system. This way, remote users just require the manipulator of the system and our software and perform their experiments at a central lab.


The development of this microinjection system involves a combination of hardware and software systems, utilizing skills and techniques in areas of robotics, telecommunication, computer game development and control systems. This is an integration of different technologies in the area of robotics and software development. One of its advantages will be its user-friendly application software and it’s easy to use hardware controls.

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We are investigating the usage of formal methods, i.e., a computer-based mathematical analysis approach for analyzing the functional correctness and performance aspects of the proposed cell microinjection systems.This sytem is a result of synergy between knowledge of expert biologists, expert computer engineers and low cost hardware components created for video gaming industry extremely valuable microinjection systems.Comapring global cost, this cost-effective and locally developed microinjection system is bringing about a revolution in the health care sector in not only Pakistan but also in most developing countries of the world.We nurture this expertise to develop high quality cell biology training systems in Pakistan at low cost, thus creating an ecosystem that improves healthcare while generating significant R&D activities & foster innovation.
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